Dedicated to the Greek Revolution of 1821, “Historic Island of Psara” and its holocaust.


Friday,  July 16th 2021

19: 00  Skipper’s Meeting

20:30   Opening Ceremony


Saturday,  July 17th 2021

1st  & 2nd Offshore Race: Faliron -  Ag.Dimitrios at Kythnos (Scoring gate)  - Tinos

Start: From Faliron Bay at 12:00 hrs

Distance: 95 n.m.


Monday,  July 19th  2021

10:00   Sightseeing and coast cleaning in conjunction with HELMEPA

13:00   Sports events at the beach.

21:00   Social events and Prize Giving Ceremony.


Tuesday,  July  20th 2021

3rd Offshore Race: Tinos - Psara

Start: Outside of Tinos port at 10:00 hrs

Distance: 70 n.m.


Thursday,  July 22nd 2021

10:00   Coast cleaning in conjunction with HELMEPA – Swimming.

19:00   Memorial ceremony for Konstantinos Kanaris and Ioannis Varvakis.

20:00   Visit and Religious ceremony at Mavri Rachi.


Friday, July 23rd 2021

4th Offshore Race:  Coastal Race around Psara and Antipsara islands

Start:  Outside of Psara port at 12:00 hrs

Distance:  20 n.m.

21:00   Social events and Prize Giving Ceremony.


Saturday, July 24th  2021

5th Offshore Race: Psara - Sounio

Start:  Outside of Psara port at 10:00 hrs

Distance:  95 n.m.


Monday, July 26th 2021

21:00 Prize Giving – Close ceremony at Hellenic Naval Command, Piraeus